This is the Airbnb for 4/20-Friendly Homes


By Sophie-Claire Hoeller

Colorado has been buzzing with marijuana tourists ever since the state legalized – the problem is, they can’t smoke up just anywhere. Stoners were searching for couches to crash on and homes to hotbox in. And with those herb aficionados in mind, airTHC came to the rescue.

Modeled after AirBnB (duh), airTHC features weed-friendly vacation rentals for high-minded travelers in search of a place to legally light up. Like on AirBnB, listings range from luxury chalets to spare bedrooms, and even boutique hotels and hotel rooms. Unlike AirBnB however, and relatively atypical for an inert pothead, airTHC will also recommend concerts, restaurants, and events, as well as nearby dispensaries.

“We envision it being bigger than ‘rent a place that’s 4/20 legal’. We talk about breweries, skiing. We’re thinking a concierge service, not just things related to marijuana”, airTHC co-founder Jordan Conner told Thrillist. “We want to erase this negative connotation”.

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