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List your property on TravelTHC today! We have tremendous demand from travelers looking for marijuana friendly rental properties throughout 2015.

  • Legalized at last

    The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington not only represents a gigantic step forward in the movement to have the versatile plant decriminalized nationally, but it presents great opportunities for those who enjoy unwinding with a good smoke. Oregon & Alaska have already legalized as well and will be joining TravelTHC in 2016!

  • Visitors out in the cold

    For residents of Colorado and Washington, enjoying recreational marijuana is legal and risk-free. After shopping at local dispensaries, residents have the luxury of heading to a private home. Tourists traveling to Colorado and Washington have a much different experience without the help of TravelTHC.

  • No smoking in public or most hotels

    Colorado and Washington law strictly prohibit smoking in public places—including National Parks where, if you are caught smoking, you can be slapped with a $5,000 fine and face possible jail time. In addition, hotels do not allow smoking in any of their rooms.

Enter travelTHC

We help you connect with people who have marijuana-friendly vacation rental properties, ensuring that you’ll have a private space of your own to smoke—legally—while you stay in Colorado and Washington.