Pirate’s Quarter at Casa Stella

Property Summary

Marijuana is legal in Oregon. There are several dispensaries within walking distance. Please smoke outdoors in the patio garden. Vaping indoors is fine with me, as long as the other guests are cool with it.

Take yerself off o’ th’ galleon ‘n into th’ largest quarters at HMS Casa Stella. Constructed in 1907, she’s a beauty! Th’ quarters ‘ave a bed o’ th’ queen, ‘n footlockers as endtables. Thar be modern amenities such as wi-fi ‘n plugs fer yer phones.

Get thee a pint o’ ale at one o’ th’ many brewpubs, or ‘ave ye a hearty meal at award-winnin’ restaurants, all steps from th’ front port.

Thar be a desk ‘n printer in th’ mermaid nook, so ’tis suited fer those who ‘ave an addiction t’ work.